Hometown CD Release

It was a great Hometown CD Release of A Thousand Different Colors at Powhatan Community Church in Powhatan, Virginia!  Thanks to Pastor Brian and Beth Stoddard, as well as Matt O’Rear, Lindsay Harris, and Matt O’Donnell for being the best backing band EVAR…I had so much fun with you guys!  It was also wonderful to spend some time talking about The Fountain with the Creative Community at PCC.  Of course, thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate and worship with us.  It was a great evening!  

A New Album: A Thousand Different Colors

After 4 years in Switzerland, I have returned with my family to the USA.  I’m currently in Nashville, working my new record, A Thousand Different Colors.  Here’s the back-story…

We were still new to Switzerland when we walked into “The Connecting Zone” at International Christian Church (ICF) in downtown Zurich.  It was a hot and crowded room, full of people from all over the world.  Colorful flags from the nations hung across the ceiling and around the walls.  I looked to find the Stars and Stripes, a comforting symbol of home in this foreign environment.  Here, I was the foreigner.  Our Swiss hosts served a dark meat and vegetable sauce over white rice while Europeans, Africans, South Americans, North Americans, Australians and Asians crammed together, eating and speaking languages I had never heard before.
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